December 2022 - Product Updates and Releases

PowerShell Pro Tools PowerShell Universal Product Updates

December 13, 2022

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This post outlines the new features of PowerShell Pro Tools and PowerShell Universal that have been added in the December 2022 release cycle.

Table of Contents

PowerShell Pro Tools 2022.12.0

Free PowerShell Tools

To better focus our efforts on the corner stones of our product suite, we’ve decided to release many of the tools for free and open source. We’ll continue to help support bug fixes and feature development through GitHub. You can find the following tools in our organization.

PowerShell Packager

We’ve released a simplified PowerShell Packager for Windows. It’s a simple install, doesn’t require any tools besides the application itself and can produce PowerShell executables with all kinds of settings that have historically been available in PowerShell Pro Tools.

Go To Definition for Classes

We’ve added the ability to quickly navigate to class definitions in Visual Studio with the Go To Definition feature.

PowerShell Universal 3.6

PowerShell Universal 3.6 is the next release of the latest and greatest version of the platform.

Database Git Storage

We’ve made it much easier to setup version control for PowerShell Universal configuration files. Rather than relying on a 3rd party git server you can now use a local git client and store the configuration directly in the PowerShell Universal database. New PowerShell Universal nodes will only need to connect to the database to retrieve their configuration files without the need to authenticate and manage another connection to a git remote.

Database Secret Vault

In another effort to simplify PowerShell Universal deployments, you can now store secrets directly in the PowerShell Universal database. The database secret vault encrypts your secrets with a configurable AES 256 encryption key.

OpenAPI Schemas

We’ve improved the ability to document your endpoints by using OpenAPI schemas. This feature takes advantage of class definitions, comment-based help and YAML to allow you to provide rich help to the consumers of your APIs.

Custom Job Queues

PowerShell Universal now allows computers in your cluster to define custom queues for scripts, schedules and triggers. Queues can be configured however you wish. For example, based on operating system, subdomain or datacenter.

Improved Dashboard Page Editor

We’ve introduced a new dashboard page editor that allows you to define pages in their own files. This will allow you to reduce the overall size of your dashboards by breaking them into multiple files. You can also search icons available within Universal Dashboard.

Enhanced Security App Token

Based on feedback from our customers, we have introduced enhanced app token security. When enabled, app tokens are generated and displayed once. They are then hashed and stored in the database and will no longer be accessible via the Management API or admin console.