May 2022 - Product Updates and Releases

PowerShell Pro Tools PowerShell Universal Product Updates

May 10, 2022

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This post outlines the new features of PowerShell Pro Tools and PowerShell Universal that have been added in the May 2022 release cycle.

Table of Contents

PowerShell Pro Tools 2022.5.0

VS Code Settings to Hide Buttons in Toolbar

There are now settings available to hide the buttons in the toolbar when opening PowerShell scripts. Hide the quick scripts, run in new terminal and form designer buttons by accessing the settings UI.

Support for Packaging PowerShell 7.2.3

You can now package PowerShell 7.2.3 executables with all tools that support packaging.

PowerShell Universal Course

We’ve released over two and a half hours of lectures for PowerShell Universal. You’ll find topics from installation through user interface design. We’ll be working on the course over the next few months. It’s available to everyone. Please feel free to provide feedback as it will help steer the direction of the development of the course.

You can sign up here.

PowerShell Universal 2.11

Telemetry Removed

We’ve removed all telemetry from PowerShell Universal. Previously, you could disable this in settings but we’ve decided that it’s not valuable to us or you.

$Roles in Non-Authenticated Dashboards

If a user is logged in but accessing a non-authenticated dashboard, you can now use the $Roles and $UserName variables to adjust the dashboard’s contents.

PowerShell Universal 3.0-beta6

We’ve released several beta versions of PSU v3 over the course of the month. We’ve opt’d to continue the beta period until June when we will be doing our general availability release of the next major version.

Multiple Environments for APIs

You can now assign environments to your APIs. Rather than having a single environment (like PS7), you can now have APIs that work with Windows PowerShell, PS7 and the integrated environment.

Templates for Dashboards

Take advantage of templates for dashboards when you create a new one. There are several templates including multi-page, row and column formatting and the example dashboard that you can select.


We’ve started to add snippet support to all the editors in PSU. You’ll have access to some snippets around dashboards but would love to hear some feedback about what you’d like to quickly insert into your scripts so please provide feedback.

New Icon Features

You can now use the new features of FontAwesome icons like Beat, Fade and Share for New-UDIcon.