Black Friday - 100% Discount on PowerShell Tools

November 24, 2022

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We’ve decided to discount some of our tools 100%. They are now free and open source. These were orginally features of PowerShell Pro Tools. You can find all our free tools here.


PSCommander is a tool for automating your Windows desktop. It provides scheduling, keyboard shortcuts, desktop shortcuts, file associations and custom protocol handlers.


PSEdit is a terminal-based PowerShell editor. It provides IntelliSense, syntax highlighitng, formatting and script execution.

Terminal GUI Designer

The TUI Designer provides a cross-platform drag and drop designer for creating UIs in PowerShell.

MSI Cmdlets

The psmsi module can be used to create MSIs with PowerShell.

New-Installer -Product "My First Product" -UpgradeCode '1a73a1be-50e6-4e92-af03-586f4a9d9e82' -Content {
    New-InstallerDirectory -PredefinedDirectory "LocalAppDataFolder"  -Content {
       New-InstallerDirectory -DirectoryName "My First Product" -Content {
          New-InstallerFile -Source .\license.txt
 } -OutputDirectory (Join-Path $PSScriptRoot "output")