Dig with PowerShell using Resolve-DnsName

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Daily PowerShell #21

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November 6, 2021

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Resolve-DnsName is similar to dig within BIND.

This command has been around since PowerShell v3. This post will look at comparisons between dig commands and Resolve-DnsName.

Resolve A Records

Resolve IPv4 records for the host name.

dig ironmansoftware.com A

Resolve-DnsName -Name ironmansoftware.com -Type A

Resolve AAAA Records

Resolve IPv6 records for the host.

dig ironmansoftware.com AAAA

Resolve-DnsName -Name ironmansoftware.com -Type AAAA

Resolve MX Records

Resolve MX records for the host.

dig mx ironmansoftware.com

Resolve-DnsName -Name ironmansoftware.com -Type MX

Custom Name Server

Resolve the host name using a custom name server.

dig A ironmansoftware.com @

Resolve-DnsName -Name ironmansoftware.com -Type A -Server