Query SQL with PowerShell

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Daily PowerShell #42

Daily PowerShell SQL

November 27, 2021

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In this post, we’ll query SQL with PowerShell.

Query SQL with DBATools

DBATools is an amazing PowerShell module that anyone dealing with SQL should be aware of. The Invoke-DbaQuery cmdlet can be used to query tables.

Install-Module dbatools
Invoke-DbaQuery -Query "SELECT * FROM job" -SqlInstance '(localdb)\MSSQLLocalDB' -Database universal

Query SQL with SqlServer

The SQLServer module is the official SQL module developed by Microsoft. You can use the Invoke-SqlCmd cmdlet to query SQL using this module.

Install-Module SqlServer
Invoke-SqlCmd -ServerInstance '(localdb)\MSSQLLocalDb' -Database universal -Query 'SELECT * FROM job'

Query SQL with InvokeQuery

InvokeQuery is a popular community module for querying various types of databases. It supports databases like Sqlite, MS SQL and MySQL.

Install-Module InvokeQuery
Invoke-SqlServerQuery -Database universal -Server '(localdb)\MSSQLLocalDB' -Sql 'SELECT * FROM job'