Disable Windows PowerShell with PowerShell Protect

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Daily PowerShell #48

Daily PowerShell PowerShell Protect

December 2, 2021

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In this post, we’ll look at how to use PowerShell Protect to prevent Windows PowerShell from executing.

PowerShell Protect is a solution for auditing and blocking PowerShell scripts on Windows. You can define rules and actions to take when conditions are met. The following condition checks the application name property to verify if Windows PowerShell is executing. The action is then to block the execution of the script.

$Condition = New-PSPCondition -Property "ApplicationName" -Contains -Value "powershell.exe"
$BlockAction = New-PSPAction -Block
$Rule = New-PSPRule -Name "Block" -Condition $Condition -Action @($BlockAction)

$Configuration = New-PSPConfiguration -Rule $Rule -Action $BlockAction
Set-PSPConfiguration -Configuration $Configuration -FileSystem 

The result is that you can execute PowerShell 7 scripts but not Windows PowerShell scripts.