Top 5 Online PowerShell Communities

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Daily PowerShell #63

Daily PowerShell

December 28, 2021

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In this blog post, we’ll talk about the top 5 online PowerShell communities.

/r/powershell - Reddit

The PowerShell Subreddit is a very active community with over 190k subscribed users. You’ll find dozens of new posts a day. There is a wide range of topics and questions from beginner to advanced. Make sure to check out the sidebar for rules and beginner resources.

PowerShell Discord Server

The PowerShell Discord Server typically houses over a thousand online users. There are channels for help, a new feed, speaking opportunities and in numerous languages. Forums

The community organization provides some of the most frequented message boards for PowerShell. You’ll find PowerShell experts hanging out answering questions. The forums are a little less busy than the PowerShell subreddit but tend to have a bit of a more welcoming atmosphere.

PowerShell Power Users LinkedIn Group

This LinkedIn group includes nearly 30k members. The community has a tendency to include more shared blob posts and scripts. There are some questions asked but you may find more success asking a question on one of the previously mentioned communities.

PowerShell Facebook Group

The Facebook PowerShell Group has over 25k members. It’s a good place to ask basic questions but make sure to read the rules and provide the script you have tried so far. The group has a problem with low quality questions so make sure you put some effort into formulating a good question.

Bonus: Ironman Software Forums

The Ironman Software Forums are typically centered around PowerShell Universal questions but do provide a good community of over 1000 members that are heavily in to PowerShell. There are categories for general PowerShell discussion and daily PowerShell blog posts.