PowerShell Universal at PowerShell Day Switzerland

PowerShell Universal

February 20, 2024

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Adam Driscoll is making a trip across the pond to join European PowerShell enthusiasts at PowerShell Day Switzerland. The event will take place Tuesday, February 27th, 2024. Along with all the great content, Adam will be presenting the following sessions.

PSBlazor: A New PowerShell Web Technology (45 minutes)

As part of the v5 release, we will be introducing a new web technology called PSBlazor. With the introduction of our new admin console based on Blazor, you will also have the opportunity build tools that integrate tightly into the new system. This session will cover the basic syntax of PSBlazor and how to interact with PowerShell scripts, functions and variables from the new app framework.

PSBlazor is already shipping in our nightly v5 builds and will be released in beta next month. Documentation is also coming online.

PowerShell Universal Self-Service Portal (90 Minutes)

This session will look at how to create a self-service portal using PowerShell Universal. We’ll look at building out three different service offerings:

As part of the session we will look at numerous features throughout PowerShell Universal. This will include:

PowerShell Day Switzerland

For more information about PowerShell Day Switzerland, visit the event website.